April 30, 2017
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About HomeScenes®

Thank you for visiting the HomeScenes.com Web Site. It is my goal as President of HomeScenes, Inc. to stay up with the latest developments in technology and take ever-longer strides for excellence. We have acomplished smart growth in a short amount of time by staying in tune with needs of the Home Buyer, Home Seller and real estate professional all trying to find a common ground to sell or purchase a home. The virtual home tour is providing this "common ground".
The HomeScenes.com Web Site is constantly evolving with new features and enhancements like AGENT ACCESS that allow real estate agents more control of their virtual tours. Agents can make instant changes to their virtual tours like list price, property status, add/edit property descritpions and much more! AGENT ACCESS helps assure visitors that the homes they are touring are priced correctly and reflect the appropriate status. So, if you are considering buying a home you can be certain that at HomeScenes.com you will be viewing the best virtual tours on the internet and working with the most forward-thinking, internet savvy and results-oriented real estate professionals in the industry. Everyone at HomeScenes.com recognizes the importance of homeownership and are committed to helping people achieve the Great American Dream of owning their own home!

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!
Mike Tipton - President

HomeScenes.com is a realtor protected web site and was founded in early 1997. A Realtor protected web site means that all the virtual home tours displayed on the HomeScenes.com web site involves real estate agents, home builders and real estate brokers. We value the many real estate professionals that utilize HomeScenes.com as their primary real estate Internet marketing platform and HomeScenes® acknowledges that these real estate professionals are the foundation of the real estate industry accross the nation! Their livelyhood is one of the primary considerations of the HomeScenes.com system.

The founders developed the HomeScenes® System and Web Site from a firm foundation within the Atlanta, Georgia real estate community including strong relationships with Real Estate Professionals, Home Buyers and Sellers for nearly 10 years. Hundreds of home buyers surveyed have stated that virtual tours of homes for sale, "on-line" would make searching for their dream home much easier, more cost effective, less frustrating and much faster than ever before. From this research and more, the HomeScenes.com Project has evolved into an world class web site and is positioned and ready for the future.

The founders utilized the fact of human nature that people respond to visual stimulus. It is therefore the HomeScenes® commitment to our clients and visitors to publish for the internet the best quality virtual tours by using lots of high quality images, fast downloads and consistancy!

HomeScenes.com is leading the way in educating real estate professionals on how to market real estate on the Internet today and to help ensure that these real estate professionals will be doing business tomorrow.

HomeScenes.com offers multiple technologies to appeal to the different needs and emotions of home buyers, home sellers and real estate professionals. Our programs are designed to benefit both the new real estate agent as well as the seasoned real estate agent or broker. With the on-going evolution of the Internet and digital technology, the demand for on-line virtual tours of real estate properties for sale is increasing dramatically!

HomeScenes® is proud to be among the leaders in this new evolving industry!