September 23, 2017
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Agent Services virtual tours are growing in demand accross the country due to the new and dynamic way HomeScenes is helping people buy and sell real estate! Rarely does a real estate marketing tool come along that has the power to change the future. Never again will the real estate industry do business as usual. Complete virtual tours are becoming the standard in real estate marketing services across the country. Buyers and sellers have come to expect on-line complete virtual tours not only for higher-priced homes but for every price range of home for sale. advisors report that in the very near future every home for sale will have a virtual tour. Real estate agent's listing a home for sale today without a entry key lockbox and a for sale sign would probably be considered unusual in today’s real estate market...many believe that listing a home for sale in the future without a virtual tour will be considered unthinkable.

Real Estate Professionals using virtual tours recognize that consistently successful on-line real estate marketing originates with a solid marketing plan that begins with knowing the needs of prospective home buyers and giving the home buyer market what they value! Growing enthusiasm by home buyers accross the nation for virtual tours has ignited a definite value and significant demand for more on-line virtual tours, especially like the virtual tours found on! Real Estate Professionals using virtual tours are showcasing to the home buyer market what home buyers value and as well as want! This results in helping the real estate professional's marketing efforts be much more cost effective while reaching a broader market base!

Here are just a few reasons why successful real estate professionals are choosing as their primary virtual tour provider:

  1) Dynamic Virtual Tours
  2) Unbeatable Virtual Tour Value
  3) Agent Ability To Make Changes
  4) Be Displayed As A Featured Agent
  5) Have Access to Good Customer Service
  6) Have Access to Good Technical Support
  7) Good Agent Support Services
  8) Great Digital Images And Technology
  9) Fast Turn Around For Publishing and Posting Tours
10) Great On-line communications
11) Credit Card Billing
12) Ability To Grow With A Winning Company

One of the most important services HomeScenes® has to offer its growing family of real estate professionals is the 'Agent Access' program whereby agents can enter a secured area and make changes to the displayed information for their virtual tours. When an agent needs to make a change, all they have to do is log on to and press the 'Agent Login' button. Then enter their username and PIN number. Then press submit. A new screen will display listing all of the agent's properties on Then by selecting any one of the properties, a new screen will appear displaying the property information that can be entered and/or edited. The current editable information includes the following:

  1) Add custom text to be displayed below all of the enlarged tour images.
  2) Hide any tour image from public view.
  3) Edit / add the custom text that is displayed below the main front view of the property.
  4) Edit the property ID number.
  5) Edit the listing price.
  6) Edit the Bedrooms and baths.
  7) Edit the property address.
  8) Enter / edit the schools.
  9) Switch the property on and off from showing to the public.
10) Edit the status of the property (Show SOLD or UNDER CONTRACT).
11) Delete the tour form the database.

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