September 23, 2017
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Fequently Asked Questions

Q...What is a Virtual Tour?
   A...Typically, a virtual tour when applied to real estate is any means to visually experience the property without actually being there. This can be accomplished by a series of still images, moving images or video images. The quantity and quality of images will always determine the true value of any virtual tour.

Q...Why should listed properties be advertised on provides virtually unlimited high quality images for each property which builds a more complete tour. This gives the prospective home buyer a better emotional connection to the home and agent. Not to mention is more cost effective!

Q...Where can virtual tours of listed properties be advertised?
   A...The remarks in the multiple listing print-outs should include a reference to the virtual tour (including the ID number) on or the agent's personal/office web site; All property flyers; Newspaper and magazine ads and business cards; Further, it is very important to have a reference to the virtual tour on the property yard sign, either a sign rider or individual sign displaying the location of the virtual tour to all drive-by prospects; Additional web site links.

Q...Who visits
   A...Real estate professionals, home buyers and home sellers, relocation companies and anyone with an internet connection. is currently experiencing over 250,000 visitors per month from all over the world.

Q...Do visitors have to pay to see the virtual tours?

Q...How do buyers and sellers find on the internet?
   A...By simply logging onto For visitors that do not know the name they will find through many major search engines and alternate web sites that are linked to such as and local office web sites.

Q...Can For Sale By Owners advertise on the web site?

Q...Should all listed properties have a virtual tour including new construction and vacant properties?
   A...Yes. recommends that all properties have a virtual tour. Due to the dynamics of virtual tours, the properties, whether occupied or vacant, resale or new, will typically look as good as better than being there in person. The advantage of using the internet for virtual tours is to expose the property to larger numbers of buyers.

Q...How do real estate professionals place a virtual tour order?
   A...Just log on to, click the 'Agent Login' button and follow the simple instructions.

Q...How long will virtual tours be displayed on the internet?
   A...HomeScenes® virtual tours are generally published and posted for an initial period of 150 days (5months) and can be renewed indefinitely.

Q...How are price changes, status changes, deletions and property information made for the virtual tours?
   A...The real estate professional representing the property has password protected access to edit the property information.

Q...Can virtual tours of listings be transferred from agent to agent?

Q...Can listings on be linked to a virtual tour?

Q...Can virtual tours be e-mailed to any interested party?

Q...Who takes the pictures for the virtual tours?
   A...In established photographer areas, a HomeScenes media specialist will arrange an appointment to shoot the images of the property. In non-established photographer areas, the real estate professional or seller can take the pictures using a digital camera and simply upload the images to the server whereby HomeScenes personnel will produce and publish the virtual tour.

Q...Why do the virtual tours have so many pictures?
   A...To provide a full tour of the property (more like being there). This will increase the emotional connection between the home and potential buyer.

Q...Can additional pictures supplied by the seller/agent be added to the virtual tour?

Q...Why are panorama images important?
   A...Large areas, dramatic areas and landscape scenes have a much higher emotional feel with wide angle views and moving image technology.

Q...Does the real estate agent have to be present while their listing is being photographed?
   A...It is typically required for the seller or agent to be present for access to the property. The exception would be in those cities where the photographers are allowed to acquire a lock box key or key card.

Q...Does produce staged virtual tours?
   A...For an additional fee an established photographer areas, HomeScenes media specialist will meet with the agent/seller to help stage/orchestrate the virtual tour.

Q...What is an Amenity Package?
   A...Many communities have great amenities such as pool, tennis, golf, lake, etc. If requested in advance by the person ordering the virtual tour, after shooting the home tour, the media specialist will drive to the community amenities and shoot extra pictures to be placed on the virtual tour.

Q...What could sound enhancements do to enhance the virtual tour?
   A...Many internet shoppers like to be 'WOWED' with high tech enhancements. This enhancement can also increase the emotional connection between the home and the potential buyer.

Q...Will a media specialist return to a property and re-shoot a particular scene or scenes?
   A...Yes, for a small fee.

Q...Can real estate professionals link from their personal/company/office web sites to virtual tours?

Q...What is the e-BID feature on the web site that shows for most all of the tours?
   A...The free e-BID Program was developed to help 'start the ball the rolling' by encouraging communication between potential buyers/agents/sellers.

Q...Why do some virtual tours show the address on
   A...To 'show the property address' is a free feature option selected by the agent and seller.