September 23, 2017
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Immersive Panoramic Images

Immersive technology has been around for many years. It debuted in the real estate industry in the mid-1990's. This type of image display is sometimes referred to as "Moving Image Technology", Virtual Tour", "Moving Image Panoramic", just to name a few. By definition, this technology, when viewed, gives the viewer the sense of being in the center of the area being viewed. The viewable area can be anything from 90 degrees to a full 360 degrees depending on what type of system the photographer used to shoot the original images and what type of processing is used to process the images for the internet display.

Some virtual tour providers will use a series of still images that are Stitched together with special software and then viewed with a down loaded player or embeded applet. Other virtual tour providers will use a "One Shot" system that shoots the image off a curved mirror mounted above the camera. Still, other virtual tour providers may use camcorders that produce a film loop of the 360 image that has to be sent to a central processing center that sometimes can take days or weeks to actually process the tour for the internet.

HomeScenes® uses a stitched image technology that allows for the display of partial moving image panoramic scenes. In many instances, the area or room is best displayed with a 90, 180, or even a 270 degree view. An example would be a long and narrow room, or a landscape scene where the adjacent property is under construction or has unappealing qualities at the time the images are taken. The focus is placed on what makes the area or room look its best.