September 23, 2017
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Still Image Virtual Tour Packages

For years, HomeScenes® has been producing and publishing more dynamic and more complete virtual tours than any other virtual tour vendor in the industry! Our surveys with the general public and potential home buyers and home sellers accross the nation has proven that one to eight images (either still views or moving image panoramic views) of a property can not be considered a true virtual tour and, in our experience, does not showcase the home to its fullest potential. These "mini tours" or "pretend tours" can leave too much doubt in the mind of the potential home buyer. With so many Internet home searcing databases available to prospective home buyers, it is the intent of HomeScenes® to capture the interest of the potential home buyer before they go on to the next property. The HomeScenes® philosophy is to show as much of a complete tour of the home as possible. The idea is to give the potential home buyer the look and feel of the home and actually imagine their family living in the home.

To accomplish this, we offer various combinations of current technologies beginning with still image tour packages that display most all rooms and areas of the property. These still image tours typically range from about 26 high quality scenes to virtually unlimited scenes. The cost for the still image tours in some geographic areas are based on list price of the home and in other geographic areas may be based on the square footage of the home. Still image tours for unique properties may need to be determined by HomeScenes® photographers at time of shooting the tour.

For current still image tour pricing please contact our sales department.

Note: currently has media specialists (photographers) in selected areas. If we do not have a media specialist in your area, we have set up the system to allow agents to send in 35mm photos and/or digital images to HomeScenes, Inc. where we will build the virtual tour for you. We will even give the agents a discount when they send in their images in an area where we do not have an established media specialist!