July 23, 2019
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Still Image Virtual Tours

Since 1998 the HomeScenes.com Still Slide Show Tour with UNLIMITED photos has remained an affordable and popular Virtual Tour option. We have studied the power of the "still image" and the way the human memory recalls and captures STILL images verses moving images. Real Estate Professionals tell us again and again that their customers REMEMBER the photos of a home for sale with a HomeScenes.com property tour and when visiting the home in person they often state how much the home, looks just like the photos on line. While new virtual tour marketing efforts come and go... HomeScenes.com is committed to our winning combination of professional photography and Advertising on the HomeScenes.com web site!

Research also indicates that Home Buyers want to view as many on line property photos as possible when searching for a home for sale or for rent... including community amenity photos like pool, lake and tennis. Home Buyers presented with property tours that lack multiple good quality photos of each room or areas of a home may become emotionally disconnected from the property and may quickly move on to other properties - also suspicions may be raised which could actually disengage an interested home buyer and encourage them to move on... it is the goal of HomeScenes.com to help enhance the emotional connection and on line viewing experience of potential home buyers... our proven systems are so effective that often home buyers come back to the HomeScenes.com property tour multiple times for a another look and to email their dream home property tour (Free Email a Tour Program) to friends, family and other interested parties!

Since 1998 our UNLIMITED still images presented in two different size slide shows (one regular size & one super size) along with optional background music and our high tech marketing systems combined with HomeScenes.com Advertising has proven time and time again to generate successful results!

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